In the Solar Startup Awards Alumni Gallery, we spotlight the innovators who have significantly contributed to the advancement of solar energy. These past participants have showcased remarkable ingenuity, tackling the energy transition’s challenges with pioneering solutions. Their efforts and visionary ideas are accelerating the shift towards a solar-powered energy system, inspiring a future where solar is at the forefront of global energy.


Enernite (now Atlas) started as an online platform which helped solar developers to find the most suitable land for their new projects. The platform digitally mapped, analysed, and compared sites for the success-determining factors for building solar farms, from grid connections to access roads. Today, Atlas has several other maps available on a wide range of topics.


Over Easy Solar has developed a unique solar solution for flat and green rooftops. The company’s modularised solution for flat roofs consists of vertically mounted bifacial solar panels, which can be installed ten times faster compared to conventional solutions.


EET offers the most modern, high-quality balcony solar systems. The company’s balcony solar systems combine efficiency with award-winning design to bring sustainable energy into a person’s home.

“I would recommend companies to apply for the Solar Startup Award because they will get a lot of visibility across the entire supply chain of the solar industry, which can help them not only get good commercial contacts, but learn and get validation from the market from different angles. It is really the place to be for any clean tech startup in the energy space.”

Joan Collell, Co-founder and COO of FlexiDAO

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